“The light that you want to have shining in your life will invariably be what you envision. It all starts with a vision or a dream of new possibilities…”

          – Darrell Phillips , Principal Consultant, Little Black Bear & Associates

Little Black Bear & Associates is ready to serve you by helping to find new ways of thinking that will produce the desired solutions and outcomes that you want to see in place. We do this by utilizing tried and true facilitation methods and processes that strengthen your team and breathe new life into your business, organization, or community!

Consulting & Facilitation:

Specialized skills and services are often needed when your team does not have the time or current capacity to move ahead to accomplish specific tasks. That’s where we come into the picture. Whether it’s devising a strategy, coordinating an event, or evaluating a program, our skilled consultants work with you to meet the challenges you face. Think of us as your Special Forces Team ready to help you get the job done.

We provide professional facilitation services that help teams reach their goals faster and more effectively. Imagine the time and financial resources that is poured into countless meetings and unnecessary delays that happen daily in most organizations. We focus your team by utilizing proven methods and processes for strategic planning, problem solving, or creating a new product or service. Make the best use of your human and financial resources and save both time and money.


Teams are always in need of fine tuning their skills through development and training. We tailor the training package that best meets your team’s unique requirements. This may include facilitation skills, personal wellness, or problem-solving skills at a staff or board development session. Our aim is to increase the strength of your team through skill enhancement and self-care. “Sharpening the Saw” (personal development), as Steven Covey said it, ultimately positions your team for greater success.

One of the areas of training we are focusing upon is in Community Development. We wrote a book titled, “Moving Toward a Stronger Future: An Aboriginal Resource Guide to Community Development”. We now provide training to groups of 10 or more in strengthening their community development skills.

In essence, we take three spheres of expertise – Facilitation, Planning, and Coordination – and we weave them together to achieve the following:

• Community Development Training
• Facilitation Skills Training
• Strategic & Creative PATH Planning
• Professional & Board Development
• Project Management
• Project & Program Evaluations
• Problem Solving & Team Building
• Event Planning & Coordination

We commit to utilizing our strengths and abilities to serve your team in creatively discovering and developing its vast potential!

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