Our Clients

Recent Consulting Service to Communities, Organizations, and Businesses:

Northwest Angle First Nation (Ontario)

LBB has been working with the Chief & Council and the community of Northwest Angle First Nation #33 in Ontario. We are assisting the community in the development of Administration Codes to guide the First Nation in administration governance. These Codes will enhance the community’s credibility and demonstrate their community to greater accountability, transparency, and effectiveness in their affairs.

Youth Suicide Prevention Conference – Keewatin Tribal Council

LBB worked in partnership with the Keewatin Tribal Council to coordinate their first Youth Suicide Prevention Conference. It was a great success and a pleasure to collaborate with Mr. Billy Rogers from Oklahoma, USA. Billy is a highly sought Master Trainer and he delivered good on his promises to provide insights and strategies for wellness and awareness of youth suicide issues. We sure hope to get Billy back up here again in the near future!

Diabetes Integration Project (DIP – Manitoba)

From November 2012 – March 2013, LBB worked with DIP to develop a Strategic Plan of Action. This contained a Shared Vision (where they want to be), Goals (Long term, short, and immediate actions), Principles & Values (what they hold in high esteem in work ethics), Team Work (activities), and an Historical Scan (knowing where they came from).

West Region Tribal Council (Manitoba)

From December 2012 to March 2013, LBB was engaged in a process of mapping a future path for the West Region Tribal Council. The elements of a Global Shared Vision was offered by the Chiefs, which form the TC’s Board of Directors. The staff also had and opportunity to add to the Vision by contributing their collective thoughts of a new future. Goals were then crafted that were in the 1 year, 3 – 6 month, and next 40 day time frames. Key Issues and Challenges were also identified and these were prioritized. From the prioritized list, 2 were chosen that were then dealt with through 2 problem-solving processes: the 7 Levels of Thinking and the Solution Circle.  Next, the team identified what their strengths were and where they were currently situated in their progress.

Keewatin Tribal Council (KTC)

This organization is moving and shaking in the spheres of building capacity with their Case Management Initiative pilot project and developing policies and procedures with their member communities. Little Black Bear has been a key partner with KTC in bringing training workshops to KTC member communities. As well, an Evaluation of key activities and efforts made in case management and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) work is in progress.

Dakota Ojibway Health Services (DOHS)

This is another Tribal Health organization that is making strides in the case management field. Little Black Bear is developing an Evaluation of progress for their pilot Case Management Initiative.  A Logic Model Evaluation Plan and a subsequent Evaluation Report will be completed as a final product.

Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs – Strengthening Families Maternal Child Health Program (Manitoba)

Devised a Health Promotion Campaign for print and radio media to address Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in Manitoba. The second phase to this process was also engaged in and a front line training manual was created titled: Sacred Babies: “Our Children – Sacred Gifts from the Creator!” The manual will be made available to all First Nation communities in Manitoba. It will be accompanied by a Family Booklet and a video.

In conjunction with the Maternal Child Health Program and Dr. Rachel Eni, Little Black Bear is also developing an Evaluation Training program that will be offered to First Nation communities. It will be a training initiative that builds capacity in understanding evaluation processes and its benefits for program development.

Public Safety Canada (Ottawa)

We created, “Moving Toward a Stronger Future: An Aboriginal Resource Guide for Community Development”; it is now utilized in Aboriginal communities across Canada and we are now focusing on training facilitators and communities in the use of this strategic tool. This is a BIG area of concern in all Aboriginal communities across Canada. We have the pulse on training in community development and would encourage you to contact us if you are contemplating building up your organization or community.

First Nations & Inuit Health – Manitoba Region (FNIH)

Developed an introductory Case Management DVD to benefit First Nations communities in Manitoba, a specific approach to managing health and community initiatives. We’ve also facilitated and coordinated a range of Health workshops, events, and organizational development activities with FNIH over the years, particularly with the Children & Youth division.

Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada (formerly INAC – Ottawa)

Researched and wrote a document titled, Working with First Nations, designed to assist federal government staff to be more aware of First Nation issues and approaches.

Fisher River Cree Nation (Manitoba)

Facilitated a community development process which entailed creating a 200 year community history and a Strategic PATH plan for the future. Over 80 community members participated in this momentous planning event.

Louis Riel Capital Corporation (Manitoba)

Facilitated a PATH planning process which set new directions and a new vision for the organization.

Eel Ground First Nation (New Brunswick)

Developed a community plan with the community which examined their past, present, and future directions for the next 25 years.

Eabametoong First Nation (Ontario)

Created a community historical scan and a long range vision with their Community Planning Team; this set the stage for a much needed process of change in the community, which has been hit by a plethora of socio-economic challenges.

Manitoba Metis Federation – Winnipeg Region & the Winnipeg Metis Association

Coordinated and planned a number of urban-based initiatives in conjunction with the Vice-President’s office over a 5 year span including a Metis Summit, the Canadian Native Fastball Championships, and youth activities.

University of Oklahoma, Health Promotions

In partnership with this esteemed organization, Little Black Bear organized a Youth Suicide Prevention Conference.

Literacy Partners of Manitoba

Organized and planned the inaugural Aboriginal Literacy Symposium 2011 held in Winnipeg, Manitoba on November 1st & 2nd, 2011.