Our Approach

“Darrell has the ability to draw out the gifts in people, allowing participants to openly contribute in a way whereby organizations fulfill their highest potential.”

       – Gina Wilson, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Public Safety Canada

A vision of new life and growth begins by changing the way you think!

The quality and strength of our portfolio and our vast experience in professional facilitation –  two good reasons why your team will end up with a successful plan of action working with Little Black Bear & Associates.

We maintain laser focus on developing the plan, strategy, evaluation or whatever is required to set your organization’s future on a solid path. We focus on drawing upon the skills, abilities, and experience inherent in your team to expertly build consensus and to arrive at solutions that meet your needs.

We work to identify the strengths that exist in your organization and then find ways with you to build upon those strengths.  Because it simply isn’t possible to build anything upon the weaknesses that exist in every operation. It is possible and healthy to recognize weaknesses that exist in an organization, however, to build communities, organizations and businesses there must be a concerted effort upon utilizing your team or community’s strengths and then go from there.

With clear processes that are easily understood, we help you set your sites on a clear vision that is real and shared by everyone. We help develop attainable and realistic Goals that are positive and possible. These goals may begin broadly (perhaps 1 to 2 years into the future) and then focus down from one year to 6 months to where your team is now to where it needs to be in the next 40 days!

It’s a process of thinking globally and ending up in your own back yard.

A Path Plan: A helpful tool to help you visualize your goals.

Something to Think About:

What you think and dream about is bound by the laws of nature to become your reality!

Really?! Well almost. There’s a little more that’s needed besides dreaming. Once we spend the time really nailing down what it is we WANT i.e., our dreams, visions, long-term goals – we then need to shift into the next gear to determine what is required to get you what you WANT. What skills, resources, training, or assets are needed to ensure you are well equipped and prepared to engage in the next step. And what is that next step? By jove, it is action! Nothing will happen until you DO SOMETHING by taking action. But not just any old

Most people that run Businesses, Organizations, and Communities know that change is inevitable. In fact, nature shows us that change is the constant reality. So, why is it that so many of us fear change?

Is it because we fear the unknown and the effort that will be required by ourselves to accommodate change? To eliminate fear of change, it is important to involve people in the entire process. When a person or group knows the changes that are coming at them and they have had a hand in creating the desired vision of where they want to be in the future, then they will be more willing to embrace the process of change.

But what is also needed is the right thinking that will bring about that change for a new reality. You are the creators of the process that will bring about this shift from where you are now to where you want to be. There must be a clear and focused effort to make the shift in your mind (or the collective mind of your organization) to create this new vision.

Again, in nature we see that change is a constant, ever-moving process. Like a river that flows to the sea we understand that the river is always flowing whether we perceive it or not. Or we can think of a tree. It’s constantly growing. We can stand in front of it and think: “this tree isn’t growing”. Because we can’t see it’s growth happening doesn’t mean it isn’t growing. Same thing with our communities. If we want to see change happen, we need to understand that it’s a process of taking small baby steps in the right direction and not seeing dramatic things in a short period of time. Slowly but surely – that’s the approach.

So, in essence, the keys are a VISION, GOALS, RESOURCES, & ACTION! The problem in many organizations is that there is much attention and focus on the problems and the challenges we face instead of on what is really needed, intended, or wanted.

So, I ask you: what is it that you want for your future?

Little Black Bear & Associates can help you find out!

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Success is on the far end of failure!

Success is on the far end of failure!