An Aboriginal Resource Guide to Community Development

“Moving Toward A Stronger Future: An Aboriginal Resource Guide For Community Development”

Little Black Bear & Associates set out to create a resource to help Aboriginal people develop their communities, organizations, and businesses. This is it! Over 100 pages of information and tools to help with change. We are focused on training community members and building their capacity to facilitate community development. For a free consultation, please email Darrell at:


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Indeed, Aboriginal communities are going through accelerated change across Canada and we recognize that each community is at a different stage in their development. When we take a step back into history we can see how as independent Nations we were quite inter-dependent with creation and dependent on one another for survival. This whole interaction was disrupted with the onset of a whole range of impacts from contact with European explorers, settlers, missionaries, diseases of every kind, and Residential schools… and the list goes on. The disruption was so damaging that every Aboriginal community in Canada has wounds of one kind or another that they are still dealing with today. But, the healing journey is moving along at different rates for each community and we are reclaiming our rightful place in the country and committing to positive change. We are taking greater strides in leadership, re-organization, and getting back to the principles and values that helped us thrive over many thousands of years. This resource tool has been created with all of this in mind.

In the summer of 2010, a small group of First Nation and Métis citizens came together to examine the creation of this guide to help each community on their journey to a stronger tomorrow. Whether you are just beginning in your development, or well on your way, we have pulled together tools for change that can assist you and your community to build even greater momentum.

For a sample of the tool, please feel free to download a preview of the document here. (PDF, 516kb)