“Helping to Create Stronger Teams with Focused Action Plans & Strategies!”

Darrell Phillips, Owner & Principal Consultant, Little Black Bear & Associates

Little Black Bear & Associates

Little Black Bear & Associates is a dynamic provider of professional facilitation, consulting, and training services.  Our firm has proven process tools that effectively serve businesses, organizations, and communities in planning for positive growth.

We work with teams to develop a new vision that empowers the creative spirit and leads to practical action. We support and love the concept: “if you believe it, you’ll see it!” In a world abounding in skepticism, we keep an outlook that begins with the end in mind. And if you can envision a powerful and positive new future, we believe you’ll see it! It all begins with a clear vision. It begins with the “right” vision. Because when you have the right vision it gives you energy and passion and creativity. This will take to you to new places you may never have dreamed possible…to soar like an eagle on a thermal instead of flapping in the middle of a flock. The right vision gives you the drive and determination to celebrate what’s right rather than wallow in what is wrong.  These are concepts we fully support; Dewitt Jones reminds us of this outlook to Celebrate What’s Right with the World (www.dewittjones.com).

Ultimately, we help to transform your team through the identification and the mobilization of your gifts, talents, abilities, and strengths. And to build upon these through the development of Action Plans, Strategies or Solutions.

When you take a look at our logo, you’ll see what we are about: the little bear is reaching out to touch the butterfly. Why a butterfly? Well, as you can well imagine, the butterfly is about transformation. We help your team to transform from where you are now (walking on the ground like the caterpillar) to where you want to be (flying to new heights like the butterfly)!

Plan for a miracle, because that’s where we want to take you!

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Profile of Principal Consultant: Darrell Phillips

A member of the Hollow Water First Nation, Darrell Phillips (a.k.a. “Little Black Bear”) is the owner of Little Black Bear & Associates, a First Nations consulting firm that specializes in community, organizational, and business development.

As a committed husband celebrating 20 years of marriage with his lovely wife Charlene, they have 10 beautiful children in their family and 5 grandchildren. Darrell adheres to strong Aboriginal and Christian principles and values. He still enjoys a strong connection to his home community and the land of lakes and streams where he grew up along the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Fall time is his favourite season when you’ll find him out on the land with his 660 Grizzly ATV hunting moose in Hollow Water’s traditional territory.

Darrell has worked with many federal and provincial government departments across the country, including Health Canada, Public Safety Canada, Dept. of National Defense, Manitoba Health, and many others. He’s been very active from the grassroots to the national levels within the Aboriginal community with the Assembly of First Nations, the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs, the Manitoba Metis Federation, and many individual First Nation and Metis communities. He has served a 2 year term with the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce and a range of other community organizations over the years.

A graduate from the University of Manitoba, Darrell has developed a keen ability to facilitate groups and to utilize a variety of effective process tools to creatively develop and implement a wide range of initiatives. His knowledge and experience in Aboriginal politics, health, justice, traditional culture, and business allows Darrell to assist communities, organizations, and businesses to realize their vast potential.