Crisis Response Manual developed for the North in Manitoba

Little Black Bear & Associates is currently working with the Opaskwayak Health Authority to develop a Crisis Response Manual for Prescription Drug Abuse (PDA) in northern First Nation communities.

PDA is fast becoming an issue that is threatening not only the young people in our First Nation communities – it affects all levels including our Elders. What strategies must communities employ to deal with this issue? The first step is to start talking about it. To express how we feel about it as community members. To build trust amongst ourselves again. These are healthy ways to begin. It is not something that will be tackled in any short period of time. But it is critical that we begin now…and that we are moving in the right direction. There are two very scary drugs making their way into our country and may affect our communities in due time. Google the following:

Krokodil and Fentanyl

These two chemicals are cut with other drugs and chemicals to form concoctions that will literally kill people from the inside out. So, let’s start working together to combat these very serious issues in First Nation territory to safeguard our communities and warn our youth!