Facilitation Skills needs some Respect

Move ahead in spite of obstacles!

Having been a professional facilitator now for over 20 years, I have travelled all across the country working with mostly First Nation and Metis organizations. If there is one skill set that is truly needed in our Aboriginal communities in this country, it’s knowing how to facilitate the creation of action plans and then knowing how to facilitate their implementation. Facilitation skills is slowly but surely starting to gain the recognition it deserves as a necessary skill set. Like negotiation skills, knowing how to facilitate can be the key skill to make the big difference in your community. Historically, we had this knowledge of facilitating movement down pretty solid. If we didn’t, it could mean life or death, our very survival. Tragically, it’s still the same today and many communities that do not have any idea how to facilitate developmental activities are plain and simply stuck in a horrible rut. Many communities, organizations, and even businesses need to get unstuck and learn how to facilitate. We’re here to help you do just that!